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We’ve TOSSED all the ancient content from this page and we’re inviting YOU to help us BUILD it anew...!
Post YOUR best suggestions* on the TALK page, so they will help generate some interest,
and discussion, then we’ll transfer what seems most useful to this page.
Could be fun — don’t you agree?
*suggestions can be... LINKS to valuable online resources
but also actual and specific tips that we can develop and
expound upon right here on this page.

New contributions...
Mac OSX keyboard shortcuts - Although Macs are fairly intuitive, some useful info can be difficult to discover on your own, like how to boot from a CD, or from the bootup manager to select a startup device, or booting into target disk mode to transfer data between two machines. This Apple Knowledge Base page lists the most commonly used OS X keyboard short cuts. -Clark, 2/22/07

Macologist.org - I found this site back when I was in college trying to setup a multi-platform LAN tournament in Battlefield 1942 Desert Combat. They have converted modifications (mods), maps, and more from there original windows downloads/installers to installers for Mac OSX. They also and a great place for advice and Q&A related to Macs and Mac Games. -Benjamin Schlein, 2/07

Smalldog Electronics publishes two free weekly newsletters for Macs: Kibbles & Bytes and TechTails. -John Gebhart, 11/06

Which Mac sites are most worth frequent visits...? (CT - 11/5/06)...
It's been suggested that we build a list of worthwhile Mac web sites. Know any worth checking once a day? Some might not be THAT good, but are maybe worth a look once a week. We might start listing these contributors names, but if it gets long we might switch to to lising by categories. Here're a few to get us started.

MacSurfer - always an over-abundance of macintosh “headline” news
MacNewsNetwork - if you only check one mac news site, this should be it.
MacInTouch - the original Mac News & Info site since '94.
MacFixIt - troubleshooting central. $25 for advanced info, but plenty of free into too.
LowEndMac - great info about making the best of older equipment
MacsOnly! - great news & mini reviews
MacUpDate - new software updates
DealMac - how to go broke saving money
DealsOnTheWeb - more ways...
xlr8YourMac - how to make macs faster & better
BareFeats - mac speed testing & comparisons

Plus a couple more... (via MacSurfer)
Apple | Apple Service & Support | Apple Hot News | Applelust.com | Apple Downloads | Apple Stock | AppleXnet | AppleMatters | Architosh | ATPM | Christian Macintosh Users Group | Creative Mac | Different District | Digit Magazine | dpmac.com | iDevGames | iLounge | Insanely Great Mac | Inside Mac Games | iPod Hacks | iProng | The Joy of Tech! | Ken Stone's Final Cut Pro | LAFCPUG | Layers Magazine | The Lyzrd's Stomp | Mac 360 | MacAddict | macCompanion | MacDailyNews | Mac Design Pro | Mac DevCenter | MacDirectory | Mac Game Database | MacGameFiles | Macintosh Products Guide | Macinstein | Macintosh Resource Page | MacMerc.com | MacMod | Mac Net Journal | MacNewsWorld | The Mac Night Owl | MacOPINION | The Mac Orchard | Mac OS Rumors | Mac OS X Hints | MacPiCkS | MacReview | MacReviewZone | Macscripter.net | Macsimum News | MacSlash | MacSpeedZone | MacTech Magazine | Macuarium | MacUser (UK) | Macworld | Macworld UK | Microsoft Mactopia | The Mothership | The MUG Center | MyAppleMenu | MyMac.com | osViews | osOpinion | OSXFAQ | OSX Zone | The PC Weenies | Phila FCP Users Group | PBCentral.com | The PowerBook Zone | ramseeker | setteB.IT | Slashdot | Spymac | Think Secret | TidBITS | WikiMac

new suggestion from John Mason (10/10/06)...
I’ve found excellent manuals for “taking apart” various Macs at www.ifixit.com/Guide/. They list the part you need to get down to and then the manual takes you that route--a pretty good implementation of interactive publishing. The manuals have warnings too, for instance about fragile wires or clips that you need to be careful with before you find out how they can be broken. I couldn't have even started on a clamshell ibook without them. -john

Clark suggested these two resources... (example of a link)
Macintosh OS X Routine Maintenance is a free, non-commercial, reference designed for ordinary Mac users (not power users) that tells you how to do effective routine maintenance on your Mac running OS X. It not only tells you what to do, it tells you which utilities to use (with an emphasis on easy to use and free utilities) and where to get them. Contributed by: Randy B. Singer Co-Author of: The Macintosh Bible, 4th, 5th and 6th editions. (from O'Grady's)
(example of a specific tip)
ALWAYS reformat a new external (or internal) drives. Most new drives will mount and show up on your desktop, but don't assume that means they're formatted for the Mac! (Most are formatted with MS-DOS!).
    Also—by taking one extra step—you gain assurance that your new drive is free from bad sectors. Just set your Disk Utility's "Zero Out Data" option, which "spares" or "maps out" any defective sectors. It takes longer (maybe an hour, or two, for a big drive), but can help you avoid major headaches in the future.
    TidBITS #707 had a good description of a formatting feature that began in OSX 10.3 that reduces directory errors even more, called the journalled file system, which you can enable in Disk Utility. "Here's how journalling works. Before the file system changes the directory, it leaves a note on the disk saying, "I'm going to make this change in the directory." Then the file system makes the change, and once it finishes, it clears the note. If the file system ever sees an incomplete change note on the disk during startup, it knows something bad happened and "rolls back" the directory to its previous state. You will lose your last change, but the directory won't suffer any damage."

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